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Varanasi Tour

Varanasi Tour

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For more than 2,500 years this city has attracted seekers and pilgrims. Its heart lies between the streams of the Varuna and the Assi which flow into the Ganges and give the city its name. This is the home of the god Shiva, who, to his devotees, is the one great God.

Nepal Tour

Nepal Tour

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the history of nepal has been influenced by its position in the himalaya and its two neighbours, modern day india and tibet.
due to the "arrival of disparate settler" groups from outside through the ages and multilingual country.

Buddhist Circuit

Buddist Circuit

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Buddhism has the power and strength to transform the lives of people of all walks of life forever.
This is beautifully illustrated in the legendary commitment to Buddhism of King Ashoka, after the bloody battle of Kalinga in Orissa.

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